In the grand scheme of things: Fashion Project/Class discussion

For today’s class we are just coming back from fall break, and we are suppose to have our five topics that interest us that could be possible senior seminar topics. We all rent around and talked about our topics and as a class with Nell’s help we are able to single out which topic we really wanted to focus on.

Most of the topics that I chose ranged from various topics of interest that I have just discovered and have been thinking about for quite some time. I also have my list of topics  in my previous blog post, along with some notes from Nell and the class on what I should really focus in on. I am going to leave what I added here at the bottom of this paragraph. I just realized that none of the notes that I made within this post yesterday were saved, but that is okay. I will just recreate the notes right now.

  1. Portrait Painting/ Painters/ Photographers

Such Jordan Casteel, Kehinde Wiley, Omar Victor Diop, Basquiat, Kerry James Marshell

Im curious as to what conversation each artist having with their particular topics and how they all come together and relate to one another.

2. Fashion Photography- street style- globally impacts photography

I want to know how a photography decides what is presentable for the public.

3. Street style in fashion


So basically, these are my top topics of interest. Barb suggested that I focus on street style because that is  “so me” and I seem to have personal enthusiasm when talking about this topic. Nell suggested that I focus on myself and how I use fashion as an art form of creative expression and this really spoke to me because for the first time I was thinking of my hobby as my own created medium of art such as painting or photography. I have always struggled with being a studio art major and not feeing any of the mediums that artist deal with and I couldn’t see fashion as art until brought it to my attention and that connection means a lot to me because I have found my own way to contribute to art in a way that makes me feel valid and confident. Because she like an painter practices drawing on a canvas of sketch book I practice fashion everyday with how  dress and what I study when looking at other fashion influencers. This connection is profound and deeply hits me to a point where I feel like all the pieces are coming together.


From his connection, Nell wanted me to combine my first three ideas, because they are interconnected passions of mine. I liked this idea a lot and I was curious to know how I could relate fashion black artist to fashion and Nell pointed out that I could focus on black fashion designers and that got me really excited about all the things I could get into. In connection with street style and street style culture I can really start to ask the questions of what street style is and why photography is such a big part of street style and this questions would raise other questions such as what is fashion and why is it an important art form. what’s the difference between formal and natural street style. On top of all these questions I have to relate everything back to my interest in said question and thats really cool to me. I am actually really excited to get into a passion that comes so naturally to me.


I haven’t started much research because I don’t know where to start and  am kinda lazy, but I will soon and I will update with blog post about my research and how I feel about what I am learning

5 Topics- Thinking aloud

  1. Portrait Painting/ Painters/ Photographers

Such Jordan Casteel, Kehinde Wiley, Omar Victor Diop, Basquiat, Kerry James Marshell

Im curious as to what conversation each artist having with their particular topics and how they all come together and relate to one another.

2. Fashion Photography- street style- globally impacts photography

I want to know how a photography decides what is presentable for the public.

3. Street style in fashion

How did this become such a large part of fashion culture? When and why did people start dressing up fro fashion shows.

4. Interior Design

Specifically how people create spaces with purpose of who will live in these spaces. I was inspired by the abstract episode done on Ilse Crowford.

5. The duality of painting and photography.

Im curious to know which one captures more Truth. Inspired by my modern history class. I read about Baudelaire and Emerson and their different views of photography and how artist capture Beauty and Truth

The Edge of Printmaking: In conversation with Anne Biedler

I would consider Nell’s crash course in Printmaking last week was a prelude to this past Thursday’s class.

For this class, we met in are usual classroom and had a little briefing with Nell about having our blog post uploaded to our sites. As usual I was pretty eager and vocal about her looking at mine, because this year I feel that I have really improved with taking my classes a little more seriously (more my myself/my education than the class or professor) I was kinda fearful that I looked like a kiss ass, but I really wanted to show Nell that I am starting to give a crap about documenting my work.

Anyway, we had about 40 mins before heading down to the basement to meet with Anne. It’s rather ironic that sweetest women is left to her own devices in the creepiest darkest part of Dana.

I was the first one to be in the basement and I then class started. As all artist conversations go we got to know someone we knew already a little better, like I have said before this is one of my favorite parts of the class. It’s like reading your favorite book over again and you fall in love with it as if you never read it. I always leave these artist visits with way more respect for their craft and the person that I got to know better than the student and professor respect that I usually have.

All that I learned from Anne I kinda already heard from Nell and I did feel like it did get a little repetitive, but hearing from the source was good confirmation. The focus of this class was on the process of printmaking in a more in-depth explanation from someone that lived through the craft for years. I learned initially that print making starts with a drawing an idea and then this idea gets exploited to extranomical proportions or not you can kinda do whatever you want. The idea is relative n comparison to the type of print you are trying to create.


Anne started with a photograph, the models name was Carla. Carla and Anne were close, she said that they had a connection, they were both getting the BFA’s together.  Carla was nude in the photo. Something that resinated with me is that Anne said that Carla had this face that represented the times that they were living in. The time of change. She said that one of the first plane terrorist attacks happened around the same time that he took this photograph. Something that I love about Anne is that she is so emotional in way that is intuitive of the persons needs. This also applies to her work as well. I feel this immense emotion when looking at her work. Through the physical labor of printmaking Anne’s emotions are intricately placed into her prints.

Anne paid close attention to how she presented Carla’s body. Anne said that there is a transformational moment of the model being seen as nude to naked and understanding the vulnerability of the model during that time. I think that this is also a prolonged theme through life. Seeing others for who they are and seeing their vulnerability amiss their differences to you and treated them with kindness and love.

Anne participated in a print exchange called “Where we’ve been before we go” and its the coolest thing. I wish student artist could do this same thing, send our latest work and then receive theirs and then give our comments and maybe together and discuss what our thoughts are. That would be so cool.

This post is less about the technical and more about the emotional and idea of printmaking. I got the gist in Nell’s crash course. I noticed that this time around I had a better under standing of what etching and wood blocking and how through etching ink in meshed through the metal plate and the opposite happens through linoleum printing. That was made more clear this time around. I can’t wait to take a class with Anne next school year, I have a feeling that it will be mostly a senior class and that sounds like a lot of fun because most of us are studying abroad and wont be able to during the spring and I am pretty sure this class isn’t offered in the spring anyway.

To conclude class we all printed something off of the letter press. It was a lot a fun, very nerve wracking though because there is a particular way of making sure you ink is evenly distributed. The ink also takes a long time to dry, so we had to leave them until the next class. Our prints said ” love soft  pup”. All and all I really enjoyed this class and getting to know a little better.


Below are some images that I took from this class:


Guess, What?

 Happy Tuesday Everyone! I haven’t uploaded on a Tuesday in a lonnnnggg time! I guess this would be considered another How-to-Tuesday! For todays post I have styled a fashion fopaux jean on jean crime.  I know, I know,  I should resign as a blogger now, I don’t deserve the title of fashion blogger, but today it is not a crime and I am not resigning! There is light at the end of the tunnel! All hope is not lost! I have played around with some jean items in my wardrobe and I hope you all like what

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Mini Project: Going through the rabbit trail



Originally, I had a very broad topic of Comme de Garcons Converse.  I am interested in fashion and this shoe is a must have through every season and I have yet to buy a pair. Firstly because it is kind of pricy and secondly I would need to ways to come up with how I would style these shoes with the items that I already have. 

From here, I give myself time to familiarize myself with the show again, because I can picture the shoe in my head when talking about but actually seeing it allows me to the picture how I can style the look visually. 

I am also giving  myself a gage of how much these shoes cost across all consumers.

From here, I am interested in knowing more about the brand Comme de Garcons, what it means, how created it, and where it all came from, so I google the meaning of it. I know that its french, but I am not that good with french, even though I have been learning half my life.. I am a sad sad sad girl… lol

I find it very interesting and fitting the Comme de Garcons means “Like boys” the shoe is very boyish and has a male heaviness to it, but it is universally understood as a unisex shoe. I am now interested in knowing more about the creator, so I general my search and check out what wiki has to say. I am also very interested in Rei Kawakubo. I love his last name especially the Kubo part. Which leads me to my next interest.


During Hurricane Irma, before I lost power for 6 hours. I watched a really stinkin cool kids movie on kids Netflix called Kubo and the two strings, and how my brain works when I saw the last name of Comme de Garcons founder was Kawakubo. It’s like a light bulb went on and I saw interest in figuring out if these two things are related so I do another search and look up the film and see if they have any relation to each other.

The film is really awesome and think there is some connection being that Kubo is Japanese character and the film is based on Japanese Culture. As I read about the film I am interested in the fact that it first premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival. I like film festivals. I thought they are so cool. I am aware of the famous ones like Sundance, Tribeca and Cannes, but I have never heard about this one. So, I check out what the Melbourne International Film Fest is about.


From what I could conjour about the film fest is that its held for three weeks and started in 1952 and it was the first film festival in the world to show feature length film. The film was silent called The Story of the Kelly Gang which was a reenactment of the true life story of Ned Kelly the most notable bushranger of the 19th century. From this information two things peaked my interest. First would be that I have no idea what a bushranger is, so I looked that up and then I looked up Ned Kelly because I feel like he has to have a pretty interesting story to have the first ever feature film done about his life.


I find it so fascinating that a bushranger is another term for runaway convict. Convict itself has such a bad connotation, and that makes Ned Kelly all the more interesting, so I follow up and start doing so proper stalking of who this man is, is what he is all about, and what happened to him in the end.


Now, at first glance I am thinking that he is totally my type, if my type was the average hipster in decatur. I will not to you blog, nell, or myself. He is a handsome man, BUT HE IS INSANE! As I read more about what he did as a youth and through his very short life its like HOW? And you can see his cause of death was being executed by hanging because he was an outlaw found guilty of terrible crimes.


When trying to get to bottom of all this I looked through wiki and learned from the past to see why and how he ended up being an out law. From the beginning he has exposed life to crime his dad was an Irish escaped convict who fled to Australia. His father dies after six months of being caught and put in a jail sail. So left fatherless and also being the eldest out of eight I believe. Ned aka Edward was left to his own devices, when it came to living and growing as a man. It only made sense that he fell into the wrong crowds of thieves and murderers. That was all he knew.  I read that he blamed the way he turned out on the squattocracy, which was a word that I found interesting and looked up.

Basically this term means gentrification and him and his family being on the very poor spectrum of it. I find that their is hidden Irony because of the fact that those who are kicking out escaped convicts are ex convicts.

As I read further, I started to get more into his younger years and I find out that he was an accomplice to another Brushranger Harry Power. Harry Power was also an escaped convict and I feel like Ned used him as a Father figure that he never had. He started out as robbery accomplice at the age of 15 and started his career in felony and murder up until the day he died at the ripe age of 25. The last hurray for Ned was an all out gun fight with the police that left him severely wounded, but the interesting thing about this is that him and his gang members created the first bullet proof vest and accompany protected attire.

This is up for debate, but supposedly Ned’s last words were ” such a life”

I think I’m very interested in the psychology of things and the bizarre way that things are connected. Going forward, if given this assignment again, would go into the psychology of brushrangers and really look at all of the notable frontrunners of this culture and really get a better understanding as to why they chose their particular lifestyles. Was it because of the squattocracy, the police, or did they get some type of fulfillment from living life against the law.

I have also taken written notes of how I process things and how my mind went through a rabbit hole. 


Candy Striper Red

 Hello Everyone! I hope that you are all well. I will not bore with an excuse as to way I took another break from blogging. Instead I will let you know that I have some excited blog post coming up on the site! I will give you a quick pro tip, LIFE YOUR LIFE! Live it the way that you want to and be confident in your decisions that you make. Only you know yourself, therefore only you can control you’re on happiness! Anyways, I digress. I am super excited for you guys to see this look! Funny story,

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Class Overall: What is etching? Crash Course

Class this day was very to the point and kinda inspired by my classmate Namkha. Nell was explaing to the class what Thursday class was going to be like and it was basic run down that would all go and view the works of art that we were assigned and then give a artist talk without preparing for it. Nell wants us to practice “art speak” with an addition of knowing the medium of the work and how it intertwines with elements and principles of design. Which leads to Namkha asking what her particular artist Felix Gonzalez- Torres who created a photo etching and she was curious to know what ecthing was and what the process would be. Agnes being Agnes we have the lovely print making studio on the ground floor and Nell eagerly wanted to give us a crash course of the different variations of print making. So, after our discussing of what Thursday would look like, we all made our way to the ground floor to quickly experience all that is print making.

For starters, Etching is a particular spectrum of print making. Another word for etching is Intaglio, which reminds me of some Italian word its roots are probably Italian, I digress. The process of etching starts with a metal plate preferable copper because it last a long time. From that plate you would ensize into the grounds of the metal creating a release. After that, you immerse your plate into acid and the acid eats away what is not ensized. Now that your design is in the plate you will now lather an excessive amount of ink into the ensized grounds. And you would rub for a very long time until the ink is completely gone (Nell made it clear that this would be your workout for the next year! lol). Now that your plate is all inked up, you will now emboss your already soaked paper ( I don’t remember what the paper needs to be soaked in) and after the plate has soaked with your plate your design has been absorbed through the paper and Vola! your etching print is complete! To differentiate an etching from a regular print the edges of a etching create a literal boarder on the edges of the piece of paper. Etching is a more controlled process than the other two spectrums of print making. The other two spectrums of print making are Relief and Wood blocking. I can briefly explain them now.

Relief Printing  is the use of Linoleum carving and is the opposite of etching and requires surface rolling of ink. Wood Block is a form of stamping but it is the same as Relief printing, but with Wood there are grains in the negative space. Another form of Print making is through Lithography and its the idea that oil and water do not mix. It is a process of ink being rejected and accepted.

After learning about the different spectrums of print making I am encouraged to take a class with Anne to further learn and create work through the various different print making styles.

Below are some images of how etching works: 

Atlanta Contemporary: In Conversation with Veronica Kessenich

I have been meaning to blog about My Modern Art History Course, that is taught by Veronica Kessenich the Executive Director of the Atlanta Contemporary because she’s FREAKIN amazing and unlike any history professor I have ever had. She doesn’t lecture in the same way that I have been taught history the last two semesters, which is beyond refreshing and exciting for me because art history has never really been my thing, up until this point.

Anyway on to my experience, I can’t talk about Veronica and not mention my our Art History class, understandably. I was aware of Atlanta contemporary the first week of being in her class. The first weekend, was Atlanta Contemporary’s art party and HUGE fundraiser that allows for free admission during they year and upholding the art that is being shown. I never really go to art things mentioned by professors, but I thought it would be cool to go. So I got to the art party and I am exposed to another cool world where I am not sure where I am, but I like it a lot.

Now flash forward to today’s class, before class today I was hella stressed out, because I have a lot of personal things going on, with the addition of school, and psychological things I am trying to get through. I digress. I had the pleasure of driving with some classmates in my car to the museum and that was pretty awesome getting to know my classmates a little better.  Now, as I enter the museum I feel like I know where I’m at. Nothing has changed in the three weeks that I was there last, but the amount of people that were there. It was pretty much empty besides the employees and our class and that change was nice. Everything seemed more open and I felt like I could think more because everything was open. When Nell asked who had been here before I gladly raised my hand, and I finally felt like I was in the know when it came to a legendary art hot spot in Atlanta.

I wasn’t aware that Veronica was speaking with us, but it only makes sense that she does because she runs the place, duh, right?  When she joined the group she told our class about how she started her career and how she ended up at Atlanta Contemporary. Now, in this moment I felt the exactly like I did when I learned more about Katherine Smith. But in a completely different way. I have history with Katherine and I was able to get a better understanding of why she teaches they way she does, and now with Veronica I was able to see why I liked her so much. It was a similar, but different experience, that I really enjoyed. These women are so different, but have this tenacity toward their profession of Art history that is truly admirable. Like the only way I can put it is that these women are some Bad Bitches, and I look up to them so much!

I wish that instead of reading the syllabus during the first day of class we talked more about the professor and better got to know them to get a better understanding of why I am in the class and how both I and the professor got into the same room together and then discussed what the lesson would be. I say  this because I think the better I know the professor the more I care about what they are teaching and what I should be getting out of their life’s work. I have been loving the fact that I am getting to know my professors better and seeing them less as teachers and more as the people that they are. Gaining this information about the people that teach me and give so much to my education is the highlight of this class for me so far.

Back to Veronica, she gave us facts about the building since she has been the head of its revival. I learned that the building is 44 years old, and the the primary work of the space is a presenting agency for local Atlanta artist to show work that would not normally be sold commercially. The overall theme for the space is that you have to be in the space to experience the art, you can’t just ship it off to travel. The building started renovation in 2013 and was completed in 2015. The building and the art that was represented there was out of date and did not represent the community that is Atlanta today. Veronica and her team  has worked very hard to in recreating the vibe of Atlanta Contemporary a inclusive space that is safe and though provoking.

This post has become a lot longer than I was planning, I didn’t really have a plan I was just really engaged and interested in learning more about my professor and a space that I was and wasn’t familiar with. The last thing that I will talk about is something that Nell wanted us to think about throughout the time the we create and that is “What am I doing to serve my world and culture through my art” and this is literally why I love Nell Ruby (I know, you’ll read this Nell, I love you.) This question is so provoking and makes me think so hard about the empact my work my have on others. I have to see my work as a service that also adds to the conversation that is being had around me. I must me present and future oriented when it come to composition and overall development of my work. I can’t answer this question about what I am doing because I am not recreating work right now, but this thought will always be with me from now on. And this perspective will guide my work into another direction that I am excited to explore. This was a great field trip!

Below are the photos of the space and some exhibition that were up:

Weatherwise/Otherwise: Artists Respond to Climate Change

Preface: As I write this I haven’t really seen/experienced the show, I have only been able take pictures and have the show interpreted for me by others. After experiencing the show myself, I will come back to this and edit anything that may change.

When it comes to weather I tend to not like talking/thinking about. In all honesty, dangerous weather and climate change scares me, no matter how I hear it on the news, or see it in art form. None of these things negate the fact that I am scared. I am scared of the unknown for the only planet/home that I know. I tend to ignore it and try and keep moving or get distracted by life itself, but if the weather starts to effect the life I live then I can’t ignore it anymore. Leah said something that struck with me in class last Tuesday (9/19/17)  “people don’t tend to learn, if they are being yelled at”, I am one of those people. I need to be told that “it will be okay”, when things start to look bad. I need to be let down gentle. I say all this to say that this current exhibition scares me, but in a alluring way. Its something that I can’t ignore, but I am intrigued by how beautiful disaster can be.

From my understanding of the elements and principles of design is that it questions if the body of work has point, line, shape, form, space, color, and texture or if it has balance, proportion, perspective, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition, rhythm, variety, harmony, and unity. Or a combination of the two. I believe that this show has a perfect blend of both elements and principle design. Leah also briefly mentioned that when curating this show they had to think about how each 13 artists work would hold in conversation with one another in the Dalton space. With unity at the forefront of everyone’s mind

The entire installation encompasses all of the elements and principles of design. Together the show has harmony because they are all addressing the same topic and they are unified by the space provided to them. All 13 artist create a variety in the space because their artist approach in depicting climate change is different and done through different media choices. Because of the focus on weather movement was a huge theme throughout this show. There is perspective in how each artist would like the viewer to experience their art work, whether that be through embroidery , sculpture, or visual sensory each artist has a different perspective of climate change that could resinate with a viewer. There is obvious texture in each body of work due to the different medium styles that each artist works with. Pattern is also a recurring because most artist are following weather patterns and have been for more than 30 years, and I find it fascinating that each artist can condense that amount of information over time into timely art that as so very relevant to our lives today.

The current show is educating  the community via invitation to better understanding the inevitable ways that climate change has affected our world today and continues to do so as we life throughout our lives. The show provides alternative options for those like me, who are scared of the unknown some way of getting involved in a way that helps preserve what we have left of our planet. To slow down the inevitable fate. The show provides awareness of what others may try to avoid. The facts don’t lie and because of the longitudinal case studies of the weather over time there is no disputing of the drastic change our climate has experienced in the last decade. I would think that the thesis of this show would be there is beauty in the madness of fear and the unknown, protect what you have left and find alternative was to combat fear.


Below are some of the pictures that I took of the show:


Hathaway Gallery- ClimateTragedy into Beauty

In conversation with Laura Hathaway at Hathaway Gallery

Thursday 887 Howell Mill Road NW Suite 4 Atlanta, GA 30318

I am not going to lie, I was not feeling my very best while on this field trip. A combination of stress and dehydration really took me out the of the intense journalism game. I did ask a few questions that crossed my mind. I took all the pictures I could to cover my experience.

Hathaway Gallery started in 2015 by the owner Laura Hathaway. If I had to judge a book by it’s cover (which I don’t do, often) I would not think Laura would own a Gallery, I mean should could have owned it, and used purely as an investment, which was later told the true reason behind the gallery. She kinda screams Phipps plaza and Buckhead, but the woman has done her research she was very well knowledgeable in her craft. And was able to give great insight into what owning a Gallery was really like. The building was built by her husbands construction company. The current exhibitions being shown there are called Reworlding by Pam Longobardi and Paintings from Iceland by Frank Webster. Two different type of art that show the expansion this gallery.

I really enjoyed the Reworlding installation, it took up most of the gallery space.

This lighter one was my favorite. Because Pam was not there to speak of her work, Laura spoke on her behalf. She said that Pam discovered these lighters in the stomach of birds, because they thought they were fish. Its really powerful how Pam can turn such a negative into a beautiful piece of work.

Hathaway’s mission is to create exposure for emerging and established artist with the well-rounded representation of the south eastern area. Territory that is less ventured, but well established in its own right.

To me Hathaway and all galleries like it,  are the middle men, the agents, and the translators for the artist. Galleries set up all the “boring” stuff, so that the artist can “make it big” up in New York. I feel like that is a brash way of putting things, but its the honest truth. Hathaway is like the den mother who is trying to get their child into Columbia. She nurtures, provides, and exposes her child to teachers, camps, and languages, so that he or she can be the best well-rounded and well represented child they can be, so that one day they can apply to one of the best colleges in the country and thrive. Hathaway then finds another child to help and the cycle continues. There is a lot work in art curating that I did not know really existed. There is a lot of work being done for just about anything, if you actually thing about it. I digress.

It was mentioned during our tour that everyone wears multiple hats in a gallery space, they do have their preferred titles, but given any work day everyone is everyone and somebody is doing something. The saying “team work makes the dream work” comes to mind.

This my be all over the place but Pam Longobardi’s work was in the main exhibition and Frank Webster’s work was in a side gallery alone.

I love the contrast of these two bodies of work create. Both very beautiful and capture the room, but at the same time Webster’s work kinda comments on the beauty that we are loosing through climate change and how he his work captures the essence of Iceland, while Longobardi transforms tragedy into beauty. Something like a before and after. But you could look at each artists work as being apart of this timeline Pam’s kinda at the end the cycle where  beauty may start again and Frank’s in mist of the curve were everything is beautiful and the human is conscious of themselves in comparison to the rest of the world. And maybe another artist can come in and fill in the gap between them. The possibilities are endless.

Paintings from Iceland by Frank Webster

Unfortunately, the only thing I can remember about this artist is that he was very expensive to have in the gallery, and his pieces are on average 60,000. Also, this is his first time being shown in the southeast, which is super cool.

I have high hopes for this gallery. I think that Laura and her team have great integrity and are really looking out for the artist they represent. Visiting this Gallery was a great experience.

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