Typography Redo

If  I had to recreate the letters that I made the letter that I would have created would have been way more adventurous. I would have stayed away from the obvious “AB” combination and I would have created something completely new that was weird/hard to look at, but from my understanding of the assignment I thought I should play it safe and stick to something that I felt was convincing as a letter, but was of my own creation. I would I have sticked to what I originally planned and that was to combine “TH” I noticed in my own hand writing that I write my “th’s” together as if they were one letter, but I got so frustrated with my thoughts (that I could not be as creative as I wanted to be)  and the tools that I need to use I just wasn’t familiar enough with or comfortable enough with them to be fully creative as I wanted. I wish I had more time with the tools and had a little but more faith in my creativity I would have created something cool. I had more fun with Baskerville due to the curves that the type face has. I felt like I could had a lot of my mistakes within the curves. Helvetica is just not as forgiving as I would like it to be. Because everything is so straight forward and strict I just stayed with the first idea that came to my mind which was to combine “AB” together and keep my favorite parts of the letter as but creative element on the outside of the “b”. Overall I like and respect typography a lot more than I ever have in my life. I appreciate the graft and those that create type faces. I’ve learned that typography is this living and breathing element of the art world that I never knew existed and I think that understanding the history and studying the craftsmen/women of typography is very important. I have become very interested in Typography since having done this project. I think typography is all about the details that people over look.  At first glance typography is mundane, but it’s everything I feel, see, smell, all  at the same time.



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