Old School Photography with Calvin

For this class, we ventured into another art medium, Photography. I am familiar with photography as medium, but I am far from a professional. I practice photography in my spare time and I have taken a photography class this semester to better my knowledge and skill set in such a beautiful craft.

When I was told that we had a darkroom in Dana I was very surprised because I have never traveled around Dana to know that. I knew that basement was home for other drawing and printmaking classes. I wish that my photography class practiced film photography as well as digital equally because I think it would have been helpful to the class to use film or learn how that process worked. My photography class focused on digital and editing software mostly, which wasn’t bad, but it’s not the only form of photography.

I found it very refreshing to find something new about a subject that I was already working in. I have some experience in a darkroom. I took photography and printmaking in High school my senior year and I am surprised that I remembered what I learned back then and apply it to this class. This class was also taught by Calvin, which is always a pleasure. Remember taking Nell digital class last spring and Calvin talk us some very helpful tips when editing with final cut that I still remember today. Calvin knows everything! It’s great!

Before stepping into the darkroom Calvin gave us the basics of photography and showing the class the very first photograph or camera obscura which was pretty awesome. I’ve seen this photograph before, but it never gets old. After that, Calvin talked about how film photography works. He made us aware that once you have shot a roll of film and you wanted to develop your film you must be in a very dark room that had no type of light and roll your film into film divider thing that I don’t know the name to as I type this out, but i can visualize it and that’s all that matters. After we talked about film we talked about what we would be getting into this class and I remember doing in High school. I can’t  name the process, so I am gonna say spot photography and explain to you that this is the process of have objects places on film paper exposed to light and the objects outlines will appear on the film. Depending on if the item is transparent or not will it show completely. After you show your images under the light you have to place your image in three different chemicals developer, stop bath and something else that is escaping me.

I was nervous about this because I didn’t want my images to develop a and be completely black. Calvin advised us to walk around Dana and pick objects to use. I wanted my images to be very simple do I used objects that were mostly plastic or metal. I wanted very minimalist vibes. Because we are developing film the dark room is pitch black with the exception of neon light box. I really enjoyed this process of photography. I don’t know if I like it more than digital, but I did have fun this class.

I made many photos that I will leave below:

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