Something New: Word Press Edition

When I was first assigned the task to learn something new about word press, I thought that I had learned all that I can from working at the D-center and working on my portfolio constantly. Per usual I was wrong, I learned something new by helping someone else. I was working with my fellow, Madame knowlton and our session was going as normally planned, but when she wanted to see the new post that she created for her  class the text looked invisible. At first we thought that  the blog post wasn’t posted at all, and that bothered me so much because I walked her through every step in posting a blog post and adding it under the correct page that she wanted the assingment under, and it became frustrating. Until I hovered over the text and realized that the text was white! I had an “AH HA!” moment and I was glad that there wasn’t an issue with her blog post itself, just the text color. We both shared a laugh at how strange it was that the font color was white and not black. I couldn’t solve the issue during our session, so when I left her office and headed back to the D-center I played around with everything that I could under the ‘Customize’ tab on her websites dashboard. She also uses the theme optimizer. This is the same theme that I use, so I was in familiar territory, but I was still apprehensive. Now, I will show you the steps to my success in changing the font color via my own website.

So, the first step is that I start on my home page of my site. I then click ‘Customize’

From there, I see the this toolbar and then I click ‘Basic’

From Basic, I scroll down to ‘Basic Style”

From Basic Style, I see the title  ‘Site content Text Color’ As you can see, my text at the moment is grey. I can click on the circle and drag the circle to hover any color that I want my text to be.

I then changed my text color from grey to black.

I always have to make sure that I hot the save and publish button at the very top above the basic title.

And this is something new that I learned from Word press!

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