Digital Artist Talk run through: Tuesday 31 November

Tuesday 31 November, 2017

For Today’s class I would say that I was a little distracted and unprepared, but I went on anyway. For one, it’s Halloween and I have fun plans and I could not  wait to get my day over with to start those plans!

But anyway, Today everyone in class gave a practice talk on the artist that we chose earlier in the semester. I chose Thomas Hart Benton’s Untitled Etching 1940 located on the bottom floor of the Library.

I wasn’t really prepared to talk about my artist and his work because I missed the visual analysis talk that everyone gave about their work and in between that time and this class I was working on the visual analysis of this work and I had some confusion about that as well.

I obviously gave the talk anyway, but not before I watched my other classmates give their talks and Nell give her comments on how they did. When I gave mine I felt like I didn’t know enough about my artist and his work and where my particular piece was in the timeline of his work as a whole. I paused a lot and I felt myself blanking because I could not figure out the formula or theme that Nell wanted us to follow and I could not connect each transition to the next topic.

The Formula that Nell wants us to go by with this talk starts with us giving  a general description of what everyone is looking. She wants us to speak clearly and loudly about the work in a general terms. Don’t Use “I” or “Interesting” let people come up with their own conclusion. I am just the informant. To make sure that I don’t blank with the information that I know about the work, I should create numerical devices within  the art work that trigger topic transitions that relate to the artist and the work and make my talk and research whole and complete sounding.

This formate really helps me because I love to learn the stems or technique of things to be able to get the jest of information that I need. The topics that I lacked on in my talk were describing the material he used and how  those who I am talking to can contextualize what I am describing to them. Benton’s influences and his involvement with the W.P.A. I should mention his stance on anti-establishment and how that is depicted through his subject matter and the concerns of the material his used to create his work. I should also focus on his murals and how that is related to his work, but in a broad sense. I feel like his murals relate more to his bio which is brief in my talk especially about this work because it is a etching not a mural.

I was very anxious about this talk I am less anxious than before because we have  2 more practice runs before I give the actual talk and I will be working on this in between these times. The talk is also 6-10 mins and thats not a lot of time, so I think I will come up with a script to get me through this.

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