Text to accompany Film Stark Irritation

Everything that you are about  read about  fictional except the interview of  the artist (obviously)

*insert cheesy daily show news archor music*

Studio announcer: You are now in the studio with Robert Stienbergmigfergason on Late night Stienbergmigfergason

*Audience cheering/clapping*

*Music dies down along with audience clapping*

Robert:*insert British accent here* Hello everyone, I am your host Robert Stienbergmigfergason and tonight I have the pleasure of  interviewing  world renowned director Ashlee Wynn, on her new ground breaking extremely short film “Stark Irritation”

*Robert awkwardly smiles at Ashlee*

*Audience laughs*

Robert:*insert British accent here* Ashlee if you please, can you tell us how you started this project?

Ashlee: I used my Canon DSLR Camera to film in the perspective of a bee who is bothering a human. I filmed from different camera angles motions to memic a bee’s fluttering  and erratic movements. I wanted to film the calm before the storm of irratation from a bug bite or sting and then intensify the entire experience by only focusing on the irritation.

Robert: “Mhmm, interesting.. Have you ever been stung by a bee?” *Insert ridiculously loud laugh here*

Ashlee: “No.. I have not” *Ashlee laughs*

Robert: what where the words that that inspired you to make this film?

Ashlee: “The words that I worked from were Stark and Irritated.”

Robert:  “how did your  final visual and audio came about?”

Ashlee : Well…. My visual came about when I was thinking about things that irritate me  or make me uncomfortable. This line of thinking brought me to bugs and how a bug bite irritates the skin and can be uncomfortable for some. *Ashlee looks at the audience and back at  Robert* I then thought adding a different element of perspective for the viewer. By filming through the eyes of the bee I have created a different experience for the viewer. The viewer can live a breathe as a bee.

Robert: Hmmm thats fascinating were there any “hard” skills you learned like Final cut, possibly other programs you used–garage band, Flash, Adobe Photoshop and /or Illustrator? We heard from the tabloids that you had the top of the line editing software at your disposal”

Ashlee: Yes, Me and my team of dedicated editors worked day in and day out on this project. We work on Final cut pro on the entire Film and I Collaborated with an all time legend Calvin and in one of our editing sessions he showed our team how to really make a film interesting by having more than one frame showing all at the same time. I also thought it would be a good idea to have the movie closely edited by another artist Nell Ruby *audience cheering in awh* . Nell and Calvin helped me through this project from the very beginning. When I first started shooting the  days were slow and to be honest I didn’t have much inspiration,and I didn’t know where to start.

Robert: Thats surprising because the film looks very intentional and planned out.  Was it hard to deal with the early critiques of this film?

Ashlee: Actually, yes, because when the films trailer showed at Sundance it was completely nerve-wrecking because I didn’t know what others would think. It also doesn’t help that I was not there to hear what everyone had to say, but I had a colleague Dany look at the films progression and she gave some really good feedback in the final stages of editing she suggested that we add different filters to each frame to add contrast and depth.

Robert: That sounds incredible! Did your concept change when working on the film at all?

Ashlee: No, not really, If anything I added to my original plan and just really focused on making the irritating sections as physically  irritating as possible. Using Dany’s comments I found filters that were strange and gave the illusion of irritation  on final cut. By adding the various filters I was able to make the film better. Because what I find irritating is completely different and to have others tell me what’s irritating to them allows for the entire film experience to be cohesive.

Robert: How profound! Ashlee it has been a Pleasure having you on the show!

Ashlee: Thank you for having me!

Robert: Ladies and gentleman Ashlee Wynn.

*audience cheers*

Robert:After the break we will be right back speaking with The man who films his dog for an entire year. We will be right back after these messages.

*anchoring daily show music playing and screen turns to black*

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  1. LOL! You are a funny and clever artist–loved reading this, loved how you inserted all the info…Thank you Ashlee and thank you Mr. Stienbergmigfergason….

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