What have I learned from this class

What is the most important take-away from this course?

The most important thing I learned from this class is my problem solving skills. I learned that when something doesn’t work out look it up on google!  Never give up on an idea and there is always more than one solution.

What skills have changed the way you view and make work, and how might these skills aid you in future analytical/critical and creative thinking?

I have developed a skill of looking  at how things as they contact to the real world. With every assignment this semester I had to look at real life applications, for example when working on fonts and creating our own letters everything clicked for me after I watched the documentary Helvetica again, after it was being shown in class, seeing where these projects fit in to real life has helped me develop the skills of seeing things in real life and how my work fits into what is being created today. Seeing thing in real life helps me for the future because when I work I will be able to see how my work is viewed in conversation with other work being created, instead of only seeing and focusing on my work alone.

In what ways has the approach to visual problem solving that you have practiced in this class affected how you discover and explore ideas?

I have way more patience then when I started this class. I realize now that everything does not have to be perfect and not everything is permanent. I can change my mind and everything will be okay, and that is something that I had to face throughout this class constantly.My approach to projects now is being able to go with whatever comes and make things work with where they are in a particular situation.

I am way more critical of allowing myself be free when it come to creative ideas. I won’t stick to just one idea but I will have many different ideas and bring them all together at the end. I really enjoyed this class it was very challenging mentally. I had to allow myself to be vulnerable to make good work.

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