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My semester in methods has been truly transformation. I was not sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this class. All I knew was that we took field trips. The only goal I had for myself was that I wanted to document the class more, because I knew that Nell would have us use our web portfolios and process logs. I accomplished so much more than just documentation of a class. I have personally seen myself grow as a person and grow admiration for all the elements of art and the different ways people go about creating art. Whether that be curating, printmaking,painting photography, interpretive dance anything and everything dealt with art matters. The process no matter how quick or how time consuming matters.

I most important thing I learned from this class is that I am an artist in I believe so. Ever sense I declared my major as art and continued to take art classes I felt like I was never a true artist I didn’t have the natural ability to draw perfect still life’s or keep a sketch book on me at all times. For some reason I felt like those were the requirements to be an artist. I know better now. I realized that wherever my passion lies is where my art can be found and learning that meant the absolute world to me. I felt less as a poser and more of someone seeing themselves as the they truly are for the first time. I noticed that I practiced art in the way that I study fashion and how I mentally map out the outfits I wear everyday.

This all came into¬†fruition when working on my final project and showing my thought process when it came to fashion and the¬†preliminary meeting we had as an entire class bouncing topic ideas off of each other. That really made me question how I saw myself and the art that I was creating. Within this class I was able to practice the different mediums of the art world some I liked like film photography and visiting galleries and talking to curators and artist and some I didn’t public speaking. It’s not that I didn’t like it I just know that I need to get better at it.

I really enjoyed this class and I gained a lot of insight and confience to make my own imprint in the art world. Thanks Nell for being just as you are a guiding this class in the only way that you can. You’re a great Human!

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